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Saiki Koujiya Honten 糀屋本店

March 19, 2012

Our local koji shop- Saiki Koujiya Honten- is a family-run business that has been producing koji for over 300 years. Myoho Asari, also known as the Kojiya Woman, has become well-known all over Japan for her work promoting the use of koji and shio-koji.

Five years ago if had you asked anyone about shio-koji, noone would have know what you were talking about. But now it is one of the most popular cooking condiments in Japan. In fact, on the Japanese cooking website it is the number one search term. Koji shops all over Japan are now experiencing an increase  in sales because of this renewed interest.

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At Koujiya Honten, they have  been so busy  that they often sell out of koji by 10:30 in the morning. They sell fresh koji and several koji products such as shiokoji, koji natto, and miso. They only sell at their shop and online and the staff at the shop works non-stop 6 days a week producing koji and prepapring and packaging the other products.

If you come to Saiki, please stop by and check it out. But be sure to get here early in the day

English website:

Japanese website:


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  1. Martha Nojima permalink

    Hi, Thank you for your great recipes! My mother in law and I are making and using shiokoji and today we were given some amazing pickled ginger. Have you made it yet? We are wondering if the ginger needs to be boiled before pickling, or if it is pickled raw. Would love to hear from you if you know.

    Thank you!
    Martha Nojima

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